Media Highlights from the EU-Africa Business Summit 2019

The EU-Africa Business Summit, held on 28-29 November in Marrakech, has enjoyed a wide range of media coverage by some prestigious international and African outlets. We would like to share a selection of these articles and videos with you.


The event detailed key objectives around the relations between the EU and Africa during high-level panel discussions and sessions. Media outlets such as Euractiv, Le Matin, Le 360, Daily Morrocco and more covered the event and here are some of the highlights.


  • Euractiv in one of its editorials stressed the fact that “The challenge for Ursula von der Leyen’s new European Commission will be to turn the so-called ‘partnership of equals’ promised by her predecessor into something concrete.”
  • ‘Le Matin’ published video interviews promoting CGEM’s initiative to improve the image of the African private sector. “We have to work together, unify our actions and strategies towards a common future.” stated Laaziz El Kadiri, Head of the Economic Diplomacy Committee, Africa and SouthSouth for CGEM, one of the Summit’s partners.
  • In an interview with 'Le360', Baïdy Agne, President of the ‘Conseil National du Patronat du Senegal’ expressed that “a business coalition within Africa and with Europe as a partner is essential to boost the economy of our continent.” 
  • ‘Daily Morocco’, a leading provider of news and information for the business community in the Kindom, described the event on their website.
  • The MAP (Agence Marocaine de Presse) highlighted the importance of a win-win relationship between the EU and Africa and the importance of training people for the future of the African labour market. Some pictures from the panels are also available on their website.
  • 'L’economiste', the first economic newspaper in Morocco, highlighted the importance for “Europe needs to reinvent its relation(ship) with Africa. This continent needs investments, not help.”


Thank you to all the media partners and journalists who covered the event, we are delighted that the outcomes of the Summit are spread throughout Africa and Europe so that the conversation can continue beyond the walls of the Mandarin Oriental.