European Business Summit 2021 17 & 18 NOV. 2021 - HYBRID EVENT
SAVE THE DATE Beyond recovery
Towards a sustainable & innovative future


Beyond recovery: Towards a sustainable and innovative Europe

This pivotal year for Europe’s recovery has brought many challenges as well as new perspectives and opportunities for transformation, which have made coming together to debate and discuss Europe’s pressing issues more important than ever. As it has done for over 20 years, the European Business Summit is uniquely positioned as a debating platform for policy, business, and academia.

This year, the European Business Summit will highlight Europe’s ongoing digital and sustainable shifts – two major axes critical for the global economic recovery, to develop resilient healthcare systems, as well as to improve Europe’s efficiency in the fields of energy and agriculture. Keeping our continent at the forefront of innovation on the world stage will require efforts and investments from both the public and the private sector; but creating social acceptance will also be key to broaden the use and the efficiency of these new technologies. Together, key figures from business, policy, civil society and academia, will think of innovative solutions to create trustworthy ecosystems, integrated markets within the EU and an inclusive environment for companies, citizens and consumers alike.

Through a hybrid event combining a physical and online participation, this edition will be very timely to reflect on the implementation and the business’ contribution to the EU’s economic and social recovery plan, the Green Deal, and to discuss the post-Covid-19 roadmap. The new format of the Summit will include an in-person event with limited attendance and exclusive networking opportunities as well as the live-streaming of each panel discussion and interview


Building a Sustainable Economy

Rebooting the European economy is the number one priority within the European Union. A strong economy is necessary in order to develop the EU’s resilience and tackle the challenges ahead. Not only is short-term recovery essential, but long-term strategies are also to be put in place to ensure that the EU achieves its ambitious
climate objectives, remains a leading actor worldwide but also builds an inclusive economy that works for its citizens and consumers. In this light, several overarching priorities including financing the research and development of innovation will be key to implementing the Green Deal, in the energy and the agriculture sector – among others – while leaving no one behind.

Keywords: #Sustainability #Recovery #EnergyTransition #Agriculture #Investment #Innovation 

Developing a Reliable Online Ecosystem

The EU’s transition to the digital age is one of the biggest challenges of the decade, which will undoubtedly require a cooperative relationship between big tech and the European institutions. From regulating platforms and content as well as high-risk artificial intelligence, to fostering new innovative digital technologies, there are many opportunities to help businesses adapt to this fast-evolving ecosystem. Protecting consumers from cyberthreats, illegal data mining and harmful content is indeed critical to the EU’s competitiveness, sovereignty and attractiveness.

Keywords: #Cybersecurity #DMA #DSA #ArtificialIntelligence #Data #DigitalTransition

Europe’s Strategic Partnerships on the Global Stage

Strategic autonomy has fast become one of the EU’s most pressing objectives on the international stage. Indeed, the pandemic has shown the importance of controlling supply chains but also of building strong and stable partnerships with Europe’s neighbours and partners based on solidarity and cooperation. Broder market access and new trade opportunities are key to strengthening Europe’s role abroad and protecting its interests. How will the EU adapt to the post-pandemic international order, which will notably be shaped by a new transatlantic relationship?

Keywords: #StrategicAutonomy #SupplyChains #TradePartnerships #EUChina #EUAfrica #TransatlanticRelationship #Healthcare


Adina Valean

Commissioner for Transport

Andrea Renda

Senior Fellow, CEPS

Henrik Hololei

Director General of DG MOVE

Mariya Gabriel

Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Philippe Aghion

Professor of Economics at the College de France, the London School of Economics and Harvard University


Ann Mettler

Vice President Europe, Breakthrough Energy


Maria da Graça Carvalho

Member of the European Parliament


Janusz Wojciechowski

Commissioner for Agriculture

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President
for the European Green Deal

Thierry Breton

Commissioner for Internal Market

Mairead McGuinness

Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets

Josep Borrell

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs & security policy/Vice President of the European Commission

Jean Pisani-Ferry

Senior Fellow at Bruegel

Eva Kaili

Member of the European Parliament

Sabine Weyand

Director General of DG Trade

Kadri Simson

Commissioner for Energy



Rethink Digital Summit 2021 – Thank you for your participation!

The 2021 Edition of Rethink Digital Summit took place on 25 May. The Summit live-streamed 10 exclusive panels and interactive interviews featuring over 35 prominent speakers from business, policy, civil society, and academia. We thank the speakers and participants for attending the ReThink Digital Summit 2021 edition, titled "Shaping Europe's Digital Future"! Shaping Europe’s digital future is both a priority and a challenge for the European Union, which aims to be at the forefront of innovation while protecting consumers and ensuring the markets’ fairness. During the Rethink Digital Summit, the hot questions in the EU digital agenda were addressed: • How to mitigate online risks while preserving the digital ecosystem? • What role for national enforcement bodies? • How to encourage cooperation between Member states? • What international implications will market regulations have? Replay Rethink Digital Summit! AMONG THE HIGHLIGHTS Cédric O, French Secretary of State for the digital Economy: "The EU has to decide its future on its own, independently of the US administration. What legal framework do we want? What balance between innovation & regulation? It's our deal!" Stéphanie Yon-Courtin, Member of the European Parliament: How soon do you expect the Digital Markets Act to be implemented? "The sooner the better! Hopefully for the French presidency of the EU in the next semester. We have to make sure we develop a flexible & efficient legal tool to regulate gatekeepers." Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice and AI: "The new US administration is more open for discussion at a multilateral level. We want to engage with the US on enforcing citizens' rights in case of a violation of data protection." Anne-Marie Engtoft Larsen, Denmark's tech Ambassador: "Denmark launched a strategy for tech diplomacy to put governments back in the driver seat to build our shared technological future. Democracy on a global scale is challenged." Tommaso Valletti, Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School:"Europe has to define its own model of data ownership. We are not forced to choose between the US or the Chinese models, an alternative is possible." View All Highlights


1st Edition of EHS Task Force Public Debate

The first edition of EHS Task Force Public Debate on "Pandemics and Vaccines, Hera Incubator" gathered 7 experts from the health sector and attracted over 200 viewers.  We extend our special thanks to our speakers and viewers and wish to meet again at the European Health Summit on 9 December 2021. AMONG THE HIGHLIGHTSPierre Delsaux, Deputy Director General, DG SANTÉ, European Commission: “With funds from the European Commission, the HERA Incubator has created a clinal trial network in the EU to speed up the authorisation process for a new variant vaccine.” / “HERA will focuse on COVID but also on future pandemics by monitoring the situation, anticipating the issue and providing the necessary measures."Maria Carvalho, Member of the European Parliament: “We need more investment in the health ecosystem to be able to transform the knowledge in solutions in a short time and in an effective & affordable way. We need to reduce the bureaucracy & the market fragmentation."Luc Debruyne, Strategy Advisor to CEO, CEPI & Former CEO, GSK Vaccines: “2021 is a complex year because it is all about the virus behaviour and its effect on the vaccination strategies. We are turning to a regional approach. CEPI will be an enabler to make sure we deal with this pandemic in a global and collaborative way.”Heike Galbraith, Pfizer, Global Director rare diseases and vaccines: “I can only support the use of artificial intelligence & IT in improving clinical trials. The protection of Intellectual Property rights plays a big role, we wouldn’t have had the vaccines so quickly without it." / "The power of collaboration is a key learning from this pandemic."Sam Proesmans, Advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister: "As Member States we should have some self-reflection: What are we best at and how we can contribute to HERA?" / "We need to coordinate across borders on the healthcare response. A better coordination on all levels will be beneficial to all member states.”Elena Bonfiglioli, Microsoft, Regional business leader health and life sciences EMEA: "We need to make sure to invest in the resilience of the health system. We need to build something that will equip our response better and faster as we go forward." / "We need to continue thinking on transparency for vaccine planning, to give clarity of what's happening, and to provide a real time response to the citizens' demands. We need to share sequencing data at European level.” See All Highlights For more information, contact Felicia Balan, Project Manager / +32 (0)2 645 3 484 SAVE THE DATE - EUROPEAN HEALTH SUMMIT - 9 DECEMBER


Join the 2021 Rethink Digital Summit

EBS is proud to present the 2021 edition of the ReThink Digital Summit, titled “Shaping Europe’s digital future” which will take place on 25 May.   Shaping Europe’s digital future is both a priority and a challenge for the European Union, which aims to be at the forefront of innovation while protecting consumers and ensuring the markets’ fairness. During the Rethink Digital Summit, the hot questions in the EU digital agenda will be addressed: • How to mitigate online risks while preserving the digital ecosystem? • What role for national enforcement bodies? • How to encourage cooperation between Member states? • What international implications will market regulations have? During the Summit's ten sessions, leading business figures, influencers and policymakers will be brought together for constructive debates. Panels will include top-level business speakers from Microsoft, Salesforce and Cisco Systems Inc. among others. European Commission officials including Commissioner Didier Reynders and Director General of DG COMP Olivier Guersent, as well as Members of the European Parliament will participate in the panels and interviews. EBS will also have the privilege of including an exclusive interview with Cédric O, the French Secretary of State for Digital Economy. Digital policy specialists from think tanks and academia will bring their expertise into the panels. The sessions will be moderated by renowned reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Euronews and Euractiv. The Rethink Digital Summit will be presented as a digital event. All sessions will be live-streamed and participants will have the opportunity to rewatch the sessions on the website after the event. Join the ReThink Digital Summit to discuss key questions on the future of the digital sector! Register Now!