EU-Africa Business Summit

European Business Summit
Egmont Palace | Brussels


Towards a greener, more integrated, and secure Union?

This year, the European Business Summit will highlight the ways to accelerate the European response to geopolitical challenges as well as improve Europe’s efficiency in the fields of energy, transport, digitalisation, and performances of supply chains. Strengthening Europe’s geopolitical role in a complex and changing world is key to understand the implications it is likely to have on security and trade globally.

Boosting innovation will require efforts and investments from both the public and the private sector; but creating social acceptance will also be key to create safe ecosystems, integrated markets within the EU and an inclusive environment for companies, citizens, and consumers alike.

Through a hybrid event combining a physical and online participation, the new format of the Summit will include an in-person event with exclusive networking opportunities as well as the live-streaming of each panel discussion and interview.


Fostering resilient growth
Building a Sustainable society
A Safe and Innovative digital ecosystem
Trade and security: A Geopolitical Europe

EBS Weekly Updates

Taking time out of her busy schedule this November, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will reflect on some of the most pressing issues facing European businesses at this year’s European Business Summit, namely energy and resilience, particularly for SMEs; fostering the EU’s digital ecosystem, supply chains, trade and security, along with the progress of the EU’s Green Deal agenda in order to ensure that the European Business climate remains resilient and competitive into the future.

EBS is honoured to welcome the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola to EBS 2022. Considering the current geopolitical situation and the implications for businesses, the President will take part in an exclusive interview and engage with policymakers, academia, business representatives and civil society on the most pressing issues facing the European Union.

EBS is delighted to announce the participation of the EU Affairs Minister of Sweden Jessika Roswall who will join a roundtable with EU Affairs Ministers ahead of the General Affairs Council in Brussels on November 18. Topics of discussion will include the current war in Ukraine, fostering European solidarity and supporting rebuilding along with Europe’s response to current geopolitical challenges.

EBS is delighted to Welcome Stefano Grassi, Head of Cabinet to Commissioner Simson at a very timely period for the EU. The current energy crisis translates into insecurity of supply and soaring energy prices. To counter this, is it tempting to compromise on green transition objectives. However, the transition towards clean energy might be part of the solution to the present crisis. The Commission’s REPower EU Plan aims at making Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels “well before 2030”, when they accounted for about 40 % of imports before the crisis. To achieve this, diversifying supply sources is key, as well as reducing our energy consumption by an enhanced energy efficiency and an accelerated green transition.

  • How to secure global supply chains for energy and natural resources?
  • How to replace Russian gas in Europe’s energy mix in the long term?
  • How to limit the repercussions of the gas crisis on electricity prices, for consumers and businesses?
  • How to ensure affordability for all and tackle energy poverty?

Executive Vice President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager will join this year’s edition of EBS. In tandem with prominent business representatives, participants will discuss the steps needed to achieve the EU’s central goal of strategic autonomy, striking the right balance between competition, innovation and resilience in strategic sectors. Vestager will also address questions around encouraging innovation, investments, skills and greater human capital through coherent industrial policies across the EU, impacting businesses and SMEs across the public and private sector.


Join EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, along with 50+ CEOs from some of the largest companies operating in Europe at EBS 2022. The European Commission is inviting non-food companies to take a voluntary pledge to support sustainable consumption, beyond what is required by law. By taking the pledge, companies commit to identify their carbon footprint and to set measurable targets to reduce it, along with making efforts to identify their environmental footprint, increasing ‘circularity’ in their activities and/or respecting social sustainability across company supply chains.


Ursula von der Leyen

President, European Commission

Roberta Metsola

President of the European Parliament

Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice President for A Europe fit for the Digital Age 

Alexander De Croo

Prime Minister of Belgium

Jessika Roswall

EU Affairs Minister, Sweden

Stefano Grassi

Head of Cabinet to Commissioner Simson, European Commission

Sabine Weyand

Director General, DG TRADE 

Didier Reynders

EU Commissioner for Justice

Olivier Guersent

Director General of DG COMP

Signe Ratso

Acting Director General, DG RTD

Wolfgang Burtscher

Director General, DG AGRI

Henrik Hololei

Director General, DG MOVE

Ann Mettler

Vice President, Breakthrough Energy

Roberto Viola

Director General, DG CNECT

Aura Salla

Director and Head of EU Affairs, META

Sir David King

Former UK Climate Envoy and Chair of Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair

Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

Alternate Foreign Minister, Greece

Tiago Antunes

State Secretary for EU Affairs, Portugal

Marek Havrda

Deputy EU Affairs Minister, Czech Republic

Taras Kachka

Deputy Minister for the Economy and Trade Representative of Ukraine

Professor Jorge Vasconcelos

Chairman, NEWES, New Energy Solutions

Daniel Caspary

Member of the European Parliament

Patrick Child

Deputy-Director General, DG ENV

Pilar del Castillo Vera

Member of the European Parliament

Silvia Amaro

CNBC Correspondent

Matina Stevis-Gridneff

Brussels Bureau Chief, The New York Times

Konstantinos Masselos

Incoming 2023 Chair, BEREC

Dušan Chrenek

Principal Advisor “Digital for the Green Transition”,  DG CLIMA

Dan Michaels

Brussels Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

Martina Dlabajová

Member of the European Parliament

Stefan Grobe

Brussels Correspondent, Euronews

Mirjam Wolfrum

Director Policy Engagement, CDP 

Jack Parrock

EU Reporter

Raphaël Glucksmann

Member of the European Parliament

Kira Marie Peter-Hansen

Member of the European Parliament 

Jordi Solé

Member of the European Parliament

Nathalie Moll

Director General EFPIA

Marco Buti

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Gentiloni 

Guy Verhofstadt

Member of the European Parliament 

Christine Lützkendorf

Programme Manager on Flourinated Greenhouse Gases, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.

Georg Riekeles

Associate Director and Head of Europe’s Political Economy Programme, EPC

Frauke Thies

Executive Director, Agora Energiewende

Paul Hofheinz

President and Co-founder, The Lisbon Council 

Dhaval Patel

Executive Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer, UCB

Alain Deckers

Head of Unit, DG FISMA

Pearse O'Donohoe

Director for Future Networks, DG CNECT

Anna Ludin

Policy Officer, DG CNECT

Shada Islam

EU analyst

Philippe Lamberts

Co-President of the Greens/EFA, European Parliament

Alice Hancock

EU Correspondent, Financial Times

David Schwartz

Global Vice President – Tech Venturing & Innovation, PepsiCo

Daniel Schiffbauer

Technology Executive at Toshiba International Corporation

Javier Espinoza

EU Correspondent, Financial Times

Renato De Filippo

Head of Regulatory Positioning Refining, Fuels, Mobility, ENI

Olga Nowicka

Public Policy Manager EMEA, Workday

Bertrand Schmitt

CEO, BDR Thermea

Marc Reinhart

Public Sector Global Leader, Capgemini

Jennifer Baker

EU Tech Reporter

Tony Shortall

Director, Telage 

James Waterworth

Director, EU Public Policy, Amazon

Jake Oster

Director, Energy and Environment Policy, EMEA, Amazon Web Services (EWS)

Andreas Marschner

Vice President, Amazon Transportation Services Europe

Siada El Ramly

Director General, DOT Europe

Andrew Himsley

CEO, DeHavilland

Mette Laursen

Ambassador, BLOX Global

Andy Bounds

EU Correspondant, The Financial Times

Erik Novaes

VP Procurement and Sustainability, Europe, AB InBev 

Kim Mackrael

Brussels Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal 

Barbara Plinkert

Head of Division, ASEAN and Indo-Pacific, EEAS

Sulaiman Syarif

Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Indonesia in Belgium

Mark Kuschel

Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Energy

Sergei Stanishev

Member of the European Parliament

Jindřich Vobořil

Czech National Drug Coordinator

Rana Karadsheh

Regional Director for Europe, IFC

Emanuele Bracco

Professor of Economics, University of Verona

Ana Rovzar

EU Reporter

Eva Maydell

Member of the European Parliament

Kim Jørgensen

Director General and Permanent Representative to the EU Institutions, European Investment Bank

Wouter van Dieren

Club of Rome

Hans van der Loo

Co-Founder of www.bluecooling.org

Jeanne Kehren

SVP Digital & Commercial Innovation & CIO, Bayer

Lutz Bonacker

Senior Vice President et General Manager EU, CSL Behring

Jacques Vandermeiren

CEO, Port of Antwerp

Cybelle Buyck

Vice-President Legal & Corporate Affairs Europe, Ab-InBev

Nanna-Louise Wildfang Linde

Vice President of European Government Affairs, Microsoft

Helle Valentin

Managing Partner, IBM Consulting Europe

Jaqueline Pynadath

Director, Sustainability & Innovation, Google Cloud EMEA

Philip von Brockdorff

EESC rapporteur on Digital Sovereignty and Deputy Dean at Malta University

Alexandre de Streel

Academic Director, CERRE

Outi Slotboom

Director Strategy and Economic Analysis, DG Grow

Heiko Willems

EESC Member and Director, BDI

Stelios Kympouropoulos

Member of the European Parliament

Bram Wingens

CEO, Renewd

Thomas Duerr

Manager Standards and Regulations, Siemens AG

Fabian Lemke

Co-founder and Managing Director, Nuventura

Chris Burns

EU Reporter

Milan Elkerbout

Head of Climate Policy, CEPS

Tom Cobbenhagen

EU Governmental Affairs & Policy Development, Lightyear

Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive, CEPS

Arnaud Thysen

Director General European Business Summits

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