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Wang Linggui


Executive Vice President and Secretary General of National Institute for Global Strategy

Wang Linggui, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow of National institute of international strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Science since 2014, Executive Vice Chairman of Board of Directors & Secretary General of National Institute for Global Strategy (NIGS), CASS since the end of 2015. His major study covers China's global strategy, counterterrorism issue, Middle East issue, etc. During the period of his position, he published about 500 pieces of papers, books and reports. Some of his works were awarded by CASS and some governmental institutions. He also acts as the chief of some important governmental study projects and owns academic positions of national institutions in China. In the field of anti-corruption study, he has finished a lot of reports and published the monograph titled as Research on the Anti-Dividend Problem of Corruption in Jan. 2017. He also chaired a project of anti-corruption study on the countries along with the B&R requested by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC.