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Axel Desmedt

Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications

Member of the Council

Axel Desmedt is a Member of the BIPT Council since November 2009. He was designated for a first mandate in which he directed subsequently the Spectrum, Telecommunications & Media, Consumer and Postal departments alongside the Legal and HR departments. In January 2017 he was re-appointed as a Member of the Council.
Axel Desmedt holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Free University of Brussels as well as an LL M from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA) where he specialised in international trade law. He worked as an attorney at the Brussels Bar for more than eight years in the international law firms Stibbe and WilmerHale respectively. Axel Desmedt also worked for the Orange Group (formerly France Telecom) as Deputy Director of the Permanent Representation. Axel Desmedt is also a visiting lecturer on Economic Regulation at the UCL since 2015 and a co-founder and editor of the Law Review for Network Industries (Kluwer).

He is currently heading the Telecommunications & Media department and the Legal and HR departments of the BIPT.