Elevation Partners

Thomas Van Halewyck


Founder & CEO

Bundl is a venture development firm teaming up with corporates to create new ventures from scratch and tackle into new markets together.They help corporate dinosaurs avoid extinction and grow, using corporate venturing techniques, to enable them to hunt for startup unicorns. They are not an agency. They are not innovation consultants. They are entrepreneurs. They co-drive your corporate start-up towards your Customer of Tomorrow.Thomas Van Halewyck is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a focus on corporate venturing. The cross-section between corporations, startups and investors is his playground, in which he strongly believes that today’s corporations have an advantage and key position to respond to tomorrow’s fast evolving customers. With his background in design, a portfolio of 200+ corporate innovation projects and joint ventures, he and his team have gained expertise in teaming up with companies to create new ventures from scratch and tackle new markets together.