Meet-the-Expert: Sustainable Finance, the Commission's Action Plan and what does it mean for your businesses?

24 May 2018

15:00-15:45 | Atrium


Daniel Gros



Sasha Vakulina


Business Editor, Euronews

Sebastian Godinot

WWF European Policy Office


Martin Spolc

European Commission

Head of Unit, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital


On the 8th of March, the European Commission unveiled its strategy for a financial system that supports the EU's climate and sustainable development agenda. Indeed, as our planet increasingly faces the unpredictable consequences of climate change, urgent action is needed to adapt to a more sustainable model. Massive investments are still needed to achieve the EU's 2030 targets agreed in Paris. For that purpose, the Commission is today setting out a roadmap to boost the role of finance in achieving a well-performing economy that delivers on environmental goals. The session should be discussing the ‘Sustainable Finance Commission Action Plan’ and how companies can align their financial flows (responsible investment) with the Paris Agreement. In addition, this session will provide an answer to businesses who ask the following question: Is my industrial activity, my investment portfolio, my investment fund is aligned on a trajectory of 2°C (in accordance with the Paris Agreement) or rather on 4°C or even 6°C? Such initiative is called a ‘Science-Based Targets’. Basically is your industrial activity eco-friendly?