Meet-the-Expert: Closing the e-skills gap

24 May 2018

11:30-12:15 | Atrium


Karen Boers

Co-founder & Managing Director


Opportunities and talent currently remain untapped due to a skills gap: the gap between what employers need and what job seekers are offering today. Around 25% of youth are unemployed across the big European cities, while expectations are that at least 500.000 vacancies will remain unfilled by 2020 due to shortfall of e-skilled workers. Most of these professions don't require an engineering degree at all. With a logical mindset, a lot of motivation and some basic training, anyone can learn to create mobile applications and websites and turn that into a profession! We have to come up with answers now and scale the digital skills development across Europe in an unprecedented way. Hard? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not. We will show how a combination of good practices from the startup community, educational programs and business partnership can set our society on the right path, exemplified by the and schools.