Meet-the-Expert: Smart Cities, Smart Technologies, Smart Approaches

24 May 2018

09:30-10:15 | Atrium


Lambert Van Nistelrooij

European Parliament


Catalina Spataru

UCL Energy Institute

Lecturer in Energy Systems and Networks


Smart Cities entail the application of existing technologies in new ways, and the development and application of new technologies to urban infrastructure such as energy, water, waste and transport systems. Relevant technologies include a variety of hardware and software systems, including wireless sensors, embedded software, database/GIS, forecasting, advanced control systems and so on. Cities must transition toward more dynamic, sustainable, healthier and smarter futures. This talk provides an understanding on how and which technologies make the urbanization process reliable and discuss priorities and barriers of implementing smart city technology. Although the technological aspect is of great importance in smart cities, a holistic realistic and dynamic approach should be considered to alleviate the challenges and problems that people, society and urban communities are facing. This can be achieved with tools that test premises such as optimising a city’s energy infrastructure is possible to deliver a comprehensive understanding and insights into the impacts on the take up of new energy technologies in consideration.