Agora: Creativity at the heart of businesses, a key to success?

6 May 2019

11:15-12:30 | Sax Room -


Zeldah Schrama

Connect Africa Global

Founder & Consultant

Frederique Paccagnella

Excel Carreers & Interim


Javier Echarri

European Business Innovation Centers Network


Thomas Van Halewyck


Founder & CEO

Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde

Ifa Laboratory

Change Management Expert & Orchestra Conductor


What if companies were to put creativity at the heart of each and every one of their projects? Could creativity result in innovation, with the potential for disruption? These days’ creativity, disruption and innovation are frequently used buzzwords. But what does innovation really mean? And how does this translate into the corporate environment? 
This session will dissect innovation and its various aspects through taking a case-by-case and company-by-company interpretation of innovation from a people-driven view because what drives innovation are people, process and philosophy.

The panelists, with different backgrounds in so-called “creative” and “non creative” sectors will present the big picture on how their organizations work with, and arrived at innovation, and what was critical to do so? They also dive into the intersectionality with company culture and the best ways to work with creativity and what its place is in achieving innovation?