Meet-the-Expert: More fish, more jobs, more money

6 May 2019

10:30-11:15 | Atrium -


Lasse Gustavsson


Senior Vice President & Executive Director


In European seas, two thirds of fish populations are currently overfished due to irresponsible political decisions. For years decision-makers have been emptying our seas by setting fishing quotas on higher levels than what science recommends and based on short-term interests instead of solid long-term conservation vision. 41% of European Atlantic stocks, including those in the North Sea, are today overfished. In the Mediterranean, 93% of species are overexploited. The good news is that if we stop overfishing now and fish sustainably, our ocean resources could bounce back. In 2017, Oceana released a new, ground-breaking study that underlines the socio-economic benefits of healthy fisheries. And there’s no doubt about the benefits of healthy oceans: more fish will bring more food, more jobs and more money.