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Europe is at a crossroads facing an array of demands and challenges. Global players around the world have woken up and are increasingly gaining ground. Europe is on stand-by lacking a meaningful vision: its social, political and economic models are being second-guessed by part of its population and contested by some member states promoting new models. While these tensions escalate and cleavages grow, the European project is itself being questioned. Despite the turmoil, Europe must overcome the obstacles and forge a cohesive leadership as there exists no alternative to succeed in a globalised world.


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Brussels SDG Summit

CSR Europe returns to the European Business Summit for the third time with a daylong Brussels Sustainable Development Goals Summit on May 7. It will start off with a plenary session, during which the CSR’s White Paper will be launched, and it will be followed by the CEOs Call to Action for a more responsible future togetherRegister now at https://www.brusselssdgsummit.net/ and join the debate! 


Inspiring, insightful, influential

The unique impact of EBS is created by our renowned speakers - political decision-makers, business leaders, members of academia and civil society.

Every year they present a variety of perspectives on the most current issues in Europe.

Invited speakers for 2019 are pictured below.

Carlos Moedas

European Commission

Alexander De Croo

Belgian Government

Margrethe Vestager

European Commission

Mark Rutte

PM of the Netherlands

Frans Timmermans

European Commission

Cecilia Malmström

European Commission

Federica Mogherini

European Commission

Jens Stoltenberg


Success based on cooperation

Every year our partners take an active part in the creation and the shaping of the EBS. Their involvement gives them an opportunity to highlight their priorities in front of a diverse, influential audience, thus allowing them to make an impact on the EU decision-making process.


EBS welcomes partnerships with a variety of companies, institutions and associations, thus reflecting the broad spectrum of perspectives to be voiced at the EBS 2019.


Discover our new visibility package and join the debate at the European Business Summit! 


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