Don't miss our Session on Financing the Economy: the Role of the Banking Union

Moderated by Rebecca Christie, News Correspondent for Bloomberg in Europe, this session will focus on the current state of play of the Banking Union and its role in establishing a more integrated economic and monetary union.

Our speakers, Jonathan Faull, Director-General DG MARKT, Philippe Lamberts, Member of the European Parliament, Jim Cowles, CEO EMEA of Citigroup, André Sapir, Senior Fellow at Bruegel, will consider how a banking union will contribute to the healthy financing of the European economy and how it will be able to respond to systemic risks. 

The Banking Union aims to ensure financial stability, resolve current fragmentation in the single market and address the problem of sovereigns being linked to their banks. It should also help addressing risks in the future. But will it offer a solution for access to capital given that bank lending is contracting? What parallel measures should be taken to access finance and boost the economy? Will a Banking Union reach it goals without deeper fiscal integration?