DG Enterprise and its 'Mission Growth'


Antonio Tajani the Vice President of the European Commission works to produce sustainable growth, create jobs with high added value and solve the societal challenges we face as his job representing Italy in Europe a Europe which he sees as needing to stem the declining role of industry in the 21st century.

In statements for the European Business Summit the Commission Vice President used the industrial policy communication in October 2012, to attempt to reverse the current negative trend and to increase industry’s share of the EU’s GDP from today’s 15.6% to 20% in 2020.

“To achieve this goal, I proposed a number of priority actions to encourage investment in new technologies.

These should improve our business environment he posits, facilitate market access and financing, particularly for SMEs, and ensure that we develop the skills that match industry’s needs.

“European industry is well placed to assume this central role in our economy: Europe is a world leader in many strategic sectors such as automotive, aerospace, engineering, space, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Industry still accounts for 80 percent of Europe’s exports and also 80 percent of private sector investment in R&D from manufacturing.

"We cannot continue to let our industry relocate outside Europe. Our figures are clear: European industry is essential to generate growth and create jobs in both the medium and long term,” Tajani said.

"I think it is necessary to make every effort to recover confidence and to allow Europe’s industry to better perform and commence regrowth. We need concrete actions to help our businesses to access emerging markets and restore our continent‘s entrepreneurial spirit, " the Commissioner said.

Through the multiplier effect, growth in industry will also result in increased activity in related economic sectors. The support of businesses and entrepreneurs is obviously essential for the success of these measures, and crucial for the future of the European economy. For this reason, I fully support this study by the European Business Summit. The study’s results, describing the expectations of firms vis-à-vis European and national authorities, are an essential element for the implementation of an industrial strategy in Europe.

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) a co host alongside Business Europe and others of the European Business Summit hosted six European Commissioners in Brussels on 16 May, Commissioner Tajani presented his steps and plans there as well.

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