Cefic announces press briefing on 16 May on Chemical Industry Energy Roadmap

What:  EU chemicals trade group Cefic will present its newly released energy roadmap “European chemistry for growth: unlocking a competitive, low carbon and energy efficient future”. The roadmap plots a course which delivers a low-carbon economy while keeping industry firmly docked in Europe, ensuring jobs and growth.


Background: A policy shift toward reducing EU energy and policy costs is urgently needed to ensure EU chemical sector competitiveness. The roadmap explores the impact and opportunity of future scenarios during the 30-year timeframe toward 2050, showing how outcomes could vary according to differing policy targets in Europe and the rest of the world, and variations in energy and feedstock prices and the speed of innovation. Secure energy supplies priced competitively with those of other countries will be essential if the European Union is to deliver jobs and growth alongside progress in combating climate change. Innovation and investment will also be crucial to improving energy efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


When: 4:30 pm until 5:00 pm Brussels time


Where: Press Conference Room, ground floor, Autoworld



Tom Crotty, Board Member, European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic); President, European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA); and director, INEOS Group;

William Garcia, Executive Director, Energy, HSE and Logisitcs, Cefic


Register: James Pieper, Media Relations, Cefic at jpi@cefic.be or at +32 2 676 7398.