Speakers 2022

Ursula von der Leyen

President, European Commission

Roberta Metsola

President of the European Parliament

Margrethe Vestager

Executive Vice President for A Europe fit for the Digital Age 

Alexander De Croo

Prime Minister of Belgium

Adina Valean

EU Commissioner for Transport

Olivier Guersent

Director General of DG COMP

Sabine Weyand

Director General, DG TRADE 

Didier Reynders

EU Commissioner for Justice

Daniel Gros

Distinguished Fellow, CEPS

Clara de la Torre

Deputy Director General, DG CLIMA

Wolfgang Burtscher

Director General, DG AGRI

Kerstin Jorna

Director General, DG GROW

Professor Jorge Vasconcelos

Chairman, NEWES, New Energy Solutions

Simone Tagliapietra

Senior Energy Fellow, Bruegel

Signe Ratso

Acting Director General, DG RTD

Patrick Child

Deputy-Director General, DG ENV

Shada Islam

EU reporter

Matina Stevis-Gridneff

Brussels Bureau Chief, The New York Times

Konstantinos Masselos

Incoming 2023 Chair, BEREC

Pillar del Castillo Vera

Member of the European Parliament

Dan Michaels

Brussels Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

Martina Dlabajová

Member of the European Parliament

Stefan Grobe

Brussels Correspondent, Euronews

Mirjam Wolfrum

Director Policy Engagement, CDP 

Jack Parrock

EU Reporter

Silvia Amaro

CNBC Correspondent

Raphaël Glucksmann

Member of the European Parliament

Kira Marie Peter-Hansen

Member of the European Parliament 

Nathalie Moll

Director General EFPIA

Marco Buti

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Gentiloni 

Guy Verhofstadt

Member of the European Parliament 

Lara Wolters

Member of the European Parliament

Georg Riekeles

Associate Director and Head of Europe’s Political Economy Programme, CEPS

Frauke Thies

Executive Director, Agora Energiewende

Paul Hofheinz

President and Co-founder, The Lisbon Council 

Dhaval Patel

Executive Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer, UCB

Alain Deckers

Head of Unit, DG FISMA

Jordi Solé

Member of the European Parliament

Pearse O'Donohoe

Director for Future Networks, DG CONNECT

Marek Havrda

Deputy EU Affairs Minister, Czech Republic

Philippe Lamberts

Co-President of the Greens/EFA

Alice Hancock

EU Correspondent, Financial Times

David Schwartz

Global Vice President – Tech Venturing & Innovation, PepsiCo

Chris Burns

EU Reporter

Javier Espinoza

EU Correspondent, Financial Times

Dave Keating

Brussels Correspondent, France 24

Olga Nowicka

Teach & Sustainability Issue lead, Workday

Bertrand Schmitt

CEO, BDR Thermea

Marc Reinhart

Public Sector Global Leader, Capgemini

Tony Shortall

Chairman, Cicada Exchange Limited

James Waterworth

Director, EU Public Policy, Amazon

Andreas Marschner

Vice President, Amazon Transportation Services Europe