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Arnaud Thysen
Director General
European Business Summits
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Digital Education in Europe

Mariya Gabriel
Commissioner for Innovation and Youth
European Commission
Anne-Sophie Collard
Professor of Information and Communication
University of Namur, Belgium
Giorgio Ventre
Professor of Computer Networks
Department of Information and Electrical
Engineering of the University of Napoli Federico II
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist
Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck
Founder & Director
Lie Detectors
Svenia Busson
Managing Director
Because developing the digital skills of all Europeans is essential to ensure the digital transformation of the European Union, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel recently presented a new Digital Education Action Plan. It outlines the shared European vision built by 2025 on quality, inclusion, human rights, gender equality, and green and digital transitions. Digital education is important to ensure the EU’s competitiveness through the upskilling of the workforce, but how can it increase people’s awareness about disinformation and digital knowledge of AI applications? The action plan aims to apply the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis and set out a long-term vision for the digital transformation of education and training in the EU. What will this new digital strategy look like in practice? Has the EU earmarked enough investment from the Next Generation EU and other programs, such as Erasmus+? How can Member States work together to adapt their education and training systems to the digital age, including making online learning on secure platforms available to all?


Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck : "Digital divide? Digital transformation is more than just software and hardware. Due to inequalities, children are disappearing from the education grid. We need to empower young people" / "When it comes to #digitaleducation we need to 'take the sting away' to avoid imposing from above and to get involved with the teachers on their level to understand the real day to day issues that they are going through.#DigitalLiteracy is key"

Anne-Sophie Collard: "To be attractive, #Digital Media education needs to be entertaining and informative! We need to train teachers to be experts to use all the digital media environment."

Svenia Busson: the founder of @LearnSpaceParis details the importance of #EdTech and the incredible startups that exist to help children through #personalised #learning with #AI. #digitaleducation

Giorgio Ventre: "For the #EU to keep the pace of the global market in #digital education and change the European digital landscape it is crucial to develop a European approach focusing on schools, universities & research." / "What about a digital tax? We need to call for a shared & practical approach. Global companies can have a very positive impact in the #EU by investing in Europe, developing technologies and creating innovation."


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Fostering innovation and growth through safe, responsible, trusted technology

Arnaud Thysen
Director General
European Business Summits
Cathy Kearney
Vice-President of European Operations
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A European Way of Corporate Citizenship – Skills for a new, sustainable economy through community work and volunteering

Paula Berning
Corporate citizenship consultant
Vanessa Buttignon
European Union Public Affairs
and Citizenship Manager
John Deere
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist

Vanessa Buttignon : "'It's time to get serious about #climate change!"
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Protection in the Digital Age

Salla Saastamoinen
DG JUST Acting Director General
European Commission
Tim Hwang
Eric Pol
Maria Tadeo
Reporter for Bloomberg Television
Paul Jordan
European Managing Director
International Association of Privacy Professional
Wojtek Wiewiorowski
The European Data Protection Supervisor
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl
Digital Europe
The von der Leyen Commission wants to ensure a human-centric digital transition that serves the people. That data created in Europe by Europeans benefits those same Europeans. That Artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes that use this data respect European values and rules. That governments and businesses inside and outside Europe respect these rules. The GDPR has been lauded as a first step in Europe setting such global standards that protect the rights and privacy of individuals. The forthcoming Data Act will seek to do the same for B2B and B2P data. How can a balance be found that ensures the access to data for all? How will that drive the innovation we need to answer our pressing societal and economic problems, whilst protecting the rights of individuals and legitimate competitive advantages of business? Does the GDPR present a blueprint to follow? Has it delivered on its promises? Is it applicable to B2B and B2P data sharing? What is the value of data and how can it benefit all? The debate will re-think the regulatory efforts in the context of finding the right balance.


Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl: "More access to #data with greater transparency and working to avoid fragmentation in #europe are the # 1 issues at the moment." #Digitalisation

Tim Hwang: "The more we get towards a singular framework the better we can give guidance for our stakeholders"

Paul Jordan: "We need to encourage a cultural change within all organisations to encourage a #data governance; and to get organisations to look at the use of data within their organisations."

Wojtek Wiewiorowski: "Free flow of data does not mean that you can use the data for everything that you want.. We should not be so fast to use the word ‘ownership’ when it comes to data. Because you can’t sell, destroy and own #data in a traditional sense."

Salia Saastamoinen: "Having strong personal data protection rules is a part of the #solution." #Dataprotection #GDPR
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Digital Solutions to Fight COVID-19

Jan Kleijssen
Director of Information Society and Action Against Crime
& Internet Governance Coordinator
Council of Europe
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist

Jan Kleijssen: "A common pan-European strategy could really help. At the @coe we are creating the world's first treaty on AI to create a level playing field for business and to help the EU bring #trusted #AI to the market." / "We have created a #toolkit for governments at the @coe to help them in these uncertain times to ensure that #humanrights are maintained."
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New Approaches to Economic Challenges

Anthony Cox
OECD Environment Directorate
Deputy Director
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist

Anthony Cox: "For #ClimateChange to be successful you need a strong sense of engagement with local communities, and you also need to offer a path to the future that is satisfactory. #OECD"
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Regulation of Digital Platforms

Vera Jourova
Vice-President for Values and Transparency
European Commission
Christian Borggreen
Vice President & Head of Office
The Computer & Communications
Industry Association (CCIA Europe)
Javier Espinoza
EU Correspondent
Financial Times
Stéphanie Yon-Courtin
Member of the European Parliament
European Parliament
Sébastien Soriano
Mike Sax
Founder and Chairperson
The App Association
Rapid digitization has deeply transformed all parts of the economy. The growing systemic importance of certain large platforms has led regulators and lawmakers to question whether established rules are able to secure a competitive, safe and fair online business environment. With the European Commission about to launch a set of landmark proposals designed to strengthen oversight in the platform economy, and looking back at recent experiences of digital regulation, we ask where there is need for new rules? What should they look like?


Stéphanie Yon-Courtin: "Big platforms have a role in our daily lives but reaching big audiences comes with greater responsibilities." #Regulation of #Digital #Platforms 

Sébastien Soriano: "The problem is not internet, it’s centralisation. Gatekeepers cut access to content, cut innovation and introduce an internet hierarchy. We must redistribute the power & make sure that there is a real competition in the market."

Vera Jourova: "The #democratic world should take action to enhance the advantage of being #connected through platforms while also maintaining the #humanrights of the users via accountability measures - create a system that will increase the #safety and be user-friendly."

Mike Sax: "Gatekeeping keeps bad actors out and gives small companies and startups the ability to be trusted by Europeans. Otherwise SMEs are at huge disadvantage in the competition with the big brands"

Christian Borggreen: "#App developers want to give more transparency for the users, but people don’t want 100 percent #transparency because this could enable #malicious actions."
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Advocating for ethical AI Interview with MEP Eva Kaili and the SHERPA Project

Eva Kaili
Member of the European Parliament
European Parliament
Bernd Stahl
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist

Eva Kaili: "  Research funding and #ethics for #AI are crucial for the future of the #discipline." /  "We need to fund research and make sure we create #ethics & #guidelines for #IA trainings as part of #horizoneurope."

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Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future

Johan Norberg
Swedish Author
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist

Johan Norberg: "Post covid world: what urgent step to take? "We need to think about the next urgency. Europe failed during this pandemic. All the things we rely upon during a crisis have to be firm as steel for us not to loose faith in the #EU" / How to jump start #EU’s economy? "Digital freedom is key. It is the one thing that is keeping us alive during this pandemic!"
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EU defence policy: which next steps?

Alain Alexis
Head of Unit, DG for Defence Industry and Space
European Commission
Jiri Sedivy
Chief Executive
European Defence Agency
Johan ANDRIES, Brig Gen (Ret)
Defence Advisor
Joanneke Balfoort
Director Security and Defence Policy
European External Action Service
Christian Hedelin
Chief Strategy Officer
Teri Schultz
Independent Media
The past years have been essential for the development of European Defence initiatives as the EU has made unprecedented efforts to relaunch this strategy. The results of these efforts translated into enhanced cooperation and new mechanisms that aim to foster innovation and competitiveness for the defence sector. The Covid19 crisis has brought a variety of challenges in multiple areas that also affect the European defence sphere. How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the dynamic development of EU defence? How the crisis will impact/impacted the funding for the European defence initiatives? What are the main challenges for the defence companies in the current context? What are the key investments that need to be prioritized? What are the next steps and is there opportunity for closer cooperation?
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Green and sustainable: The future of EU-Ukraine trade relationship

Olha Stefanishyna
Deputy Prime Minister for European
and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine
Government of Ukraine
Chris Burns
Independent Journalist
The event will look into the current state of play of the EU-Ukraine trade relationship, opportunities and challenges arising there for the European and Ukrainian business, with a special focus on the reset and reinvigoration of bilateral trade ties within the Association Agreement, the European Green Deal initiative and so on. The event will feature live interview with Olga Stefanishyna, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister for European and EuroAtlantic Integration, who will present the vision of the Ukrainian Government to this and other topics.


Olha Stefanishyna: How is the green deal helping secure the transition? "We cannot longer postpone the transformation of the coal sector in Ukraine. The EU is Ukraine's principle ally and support. We need to form a strategy together to ensure a smooth transition."
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Boosting Local Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Economic EU-Africa Partnership

Lora Borissova
Senior Expert
Cabinet of EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen
Sérgio Pimenta
Vice President for the Middle East and Africa
International Finance Corporation
World Bank Group
Hirut Zemene
Ethiopian Ambassador to the
Kingdom of Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU institutions
Soraya Hakuziyaremye
Minister of Trade and Industry
Government of Rwanda
Fabrizio Delage-Paganini
Anna Ekeledo
Executive Director
Celia Moore
EU-Africa Relations Consultant
As the EU increases its policy emphasis on growing trade with Africa, it is seeking ways that traditional development support can reinforce local benefits from trade. EU Commissioner Urpilainen, responsible for International Partnerships, will present the EU development policy and its links to other EU priorities. Other speakers will contribute views on support needed to increase participation of local entrepreneurs in expanding value chains, and support to transform infrastructure and systems that will enable growth in trade across Africa and to external markets.


Sergio Pimenta: " Two main issues on which we should focus- #Gender: we need to unlock the potential of women throughout the continent & #Green economy: we need to promote a more inclusive and fair world in terms of climate."
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A stronger EU-Africa Partnership in Agriculture

Hans-Joachim Fuchtel
German Parliamentary State Secretary
of Food and Agriculture
16:40 - 16:45
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Business4Change Circular Economy Hackathon Highlights

Amanda Fernandes
Digital Transformation Lead
AB InBev
Christine Levêque
Director Business Innovation
Carolina Gario
Policy Officer
European Commission - DG Grow
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Closing words

Arnaud Thysen
Director General
European Business Summits