Join EBS2020's session "Clean Fuels for all: a pathway to reach climate neutrality in transport"
EBS2020 is proud to present its exclusive session focused on climate-neutrality taking place on 16 November 2020 / 14:00 - 15:00
This EBS2020’s session titled “Clean Fuels for all: a pathway to reach climate neutrality in transport” will discuss how the European Union and the European industry address the challenge of driving EU Transport towards climate-neutrality, and will highlight the efforts made by the European industry to transform its activities and products to contribute with practical and responsible solutions to a more sustainable transport sector and a climate-neutral future in Europe by 2050.

The session will stimulate a debate on the role played by the industry and the regulators to accelerate these developments, on which policy framework will enable this transformation, and on how to create the lead markets for low-carbon products - in particular within the current Green Deal, NextGenerationEU and tax scheme. The conversation will offer the opportunity to look into the challenges faced by specific transport sectors such as Maritime, Road & Aviation, and will highlight the importance of policymakers and of a multi-stakeholder engagement approach to guide a sustainable business transformation.

The session will be part of the EBS 2020 Theme: “Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Europe”, which aims to speed up the action to reconcile short-term economic growth and long-term sustainability of our natural resources.

The EBS2020 edition will be presented as a digital event. All EBS2020 sessions will be live-streamed and participants will have the possibility to matchmake and network with other participants online through the Active Online Pass.

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