The 5 pillars for EBS 2020

During this years’ special edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of EBS, the programme will be organised according to 5 pillars, representing the 5 key issues facing the EU:


  • Business Perspective on Macroeconomy - In an increasingly perplexed international landscape, deteriorating trade relations have a direct impact on the European economy. New ideas such as clean technology and artificial intelligence are expected to generate economic growth whilst responding to environmental challenges and new societal demands.


  • Towards a Sustainable Europe - Reaching a sustainable carbon-neutral economy has become a key objective for the incoming European Commission. Replacing the current linear economy with a circular economy while implementing widespread eco-friendly practices is essential to the future of the planet. Key to this endeavor is the greater use of renewable and clean energy technologies and a greater capacity to recycle.


  • European Digital New Deal - Facing American and Chinese domination in the digital sphere and the struggle for legislation to adapt to the various changes, many would argue that the EU is being subjected to unfair competition.. In the face of these challenges, the EU must imagine a new type of regulation able to coerce these quasi-monopolies, while enabling innovation and ensuring the permanence of our core values.


  • Social Progress in Europe - Social tensions fueled by growing inequalities and an increased concentration of wealth are on the rise. The increased implementation of technologies and digitalisation worldwide have the potential to create greater risks, threatening privacy and job security. 


  • New Trade Opportunities -  for the EU As the EU’s trade exchanges are set to further increase in the coming years, there is a need to boost efforts to raise awareness of these opportunities within trade agreements and to step up enforcement action so that they deliver on their promises.


Hope to see you all in Brussels on the 10-11 June 2020! #EBS2020


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