Join the 2021 Rethink Digital Summit


EBS is proud to present the 2021 edition of the ReThink Digital Summit, titled “Shaping Europe’s digital future” which will take place on 25 May.


Shaping Europe’s digital future is both a priority and a challenge for the European Union, which aims to be at the forefront of innovation while protecting consumers and ensuring the markets’ fairness. During the Rethink Digital Summit, the hot questions in the EU digital agenda will be addressed:

• How to mitigate online risks while preserving the digital ecosystem?
• What role for national enforcement bodies?
• How to encourage cooperation between Member states?
• What international implications will market regulations have?

During the Summit’s ten sessions, leading business figures, influencers and policymakers will be brought together for constructive debates. Panels will include top-level business speakers from Microsoft, Salesforce and Cisco Systems Inc. among others. European Commission officials including Commissioner Didier Reynders and Director General of DG COMP Olivier Guersent, as well as Members of the European Parliament will participate in the panels and interviews. EBS will also have the privilege of including an exclusive interview with Cédric O, the French Secretary of State for Digital Economy. Digital policy specialists from think tanks and academia will bring their expertise into the panels. The sessions will be moderated by renowned reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Euronews and Euractiv.

The Rethink Digital Summit will be presented as a digital event. All sessions will be live-streamed and participants will have the opportunity to rewatch the sessions on the website after the event. 

Join the ReThink Digital Summit to discuss key questions on the future of the digital sector!