European Health Summit: COVID-19: Tackling public-private partnerships for the world


The European Health Summit is proud to announce the participation of major key-players at its interactive panel on the potential of public-private partnerships in tackling Covid-19.

The session, titled “Covid-19: Tackling public-private partnerships for the world” will discuss the unprecedented collaborative endeavors across borders, disciplines and sectors generated by the pandemic.

Since March, the European Commission has taken several initiatives to mobilize collective intelligence and foster new partnerships to ensure global responses to this world challenge. The panel will underline European strengths and weaknesses revealed by the pandemic and discuss how to make public-private partnerships fit-for-purpose.

The session will feature Peter Piot, Special Advisor to the President of the European Commission, Philippe Aghion Professor of Economics at the College de France, Michel Goldman Founder and Co-Director of the I3h Institute, Luc Debruyne, Strategy advisor at CEPI and Andrew from the Financial Times.

The European Health Summit’s first edition will be presented as a digital event. All sessions will be live streamed on our website.

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