Leftover structures


EBS is the perfect multi-format platform to elevate companies’ objectives, influence the EU decision-making and engage in a productive dialogue with a prominent audience. Our previous partners include Google, Tata Consultancy Services, Huawei, BMW, MasterCard, Heineken, Citigroup and others.

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EBS offers a special package to trade and professional associations, including NGOs. Join us to highlight your priorities, have impact on the EU legislative process and network with experts. Previous associations at EBS include CSR Europe, Cefic, Efpia, Think Young and the British Chamber of Commerce.

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EBS also proposes a dedicated country and region package. Our partners have an opportunity to promote their national business and investment possibilities. Previous countries and regions involved at EBS include China, Japan, AmCham EU, Invest in Canada, Catalonia Trade & Investment and Wallonia.

Please contact our team to explore Country/region package opportunities.

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