Ariel Barceló Basañez

Ariel Barceló Basañez

Limitless Circularity Team

Team member

Environmental Engineer passionate for analyzing and proposing strategies to tackle sustainability and environmental challenges. Experience with Geographic Information Systems, scientific research, life cycle assessment (LCA), and marketing and sales.

Current master thesis on resource recovery technologies and sustainable materials. Strong focus on metallurgical wastewater treatment and recovery of critical metals through biometallurgical techniques.

Extra information:
Ariel obtained a BSc in Environmental Engineering in the Institute of Technology of Sonora (Mexico), and is currently studying a MSc in Natural Resource Management at Ghent University (Belgium).

Moreover, he has international collaboration experience through a summer research program at the University of Texas at Dallas (Texas, 2016).

Currently working at Engie Laborelec on the topic of circular economy applied to companies in the energy sector and circular procurement.