Enrique de León Besolí

Enrique de León Besolí

Limitless Circularity Team

Team member

Industrial Engineer with experience in process development and optimisation, strongly oriented towards sustainability, particularly sustainable resource management and circular economy.

Currently working on master thesis in tracing the plastic waste exports from EU to non-EU countries and analysing its social and environmental impacts at the importing countries.

Extra information:
Enrique obtained a BSc in Industrial Engineering in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), and is currently studying an international masters in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management in Ghent University (Belgium). Furthermore, he had study experience in Mapua University (Philippines), Uppsala University (Sweden), and TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany).

He has work experience in Flowserve Corporation, where he worked as a Quality Assurance intern, and in Sibelco, where he worked the development of a process for recycling aluminum oxide from end-of-life applications.