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Margherita Bacigalupo

European Commission

Research Fellow, Joint Research Centre

Margherita Bacigalupo is a Research Fellow at the European Commission science and knowledge centre, the Joint Research Centre. She is the lead author of EntreComp: the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, published by the EC in 2016. Her job focuses on helping develop entrepreneurship as a lifelong learning competence, bridging the world of education and the world outside formal education and training systems. Her background is in the field of human-machine interaction. For more than ten years she has carried out research to understand how technological innovations can make users’ and citizens’ life easier by supporting their activities or enabling new interaction spaces. She holds a Diploma in Social Sciences, a MSc in Human-Computer Interaction, a PhD in Robotics for Dementia Care, and a Post-graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Management.