Elevation Partners

Simon Bonnell

Nord Stream 2 AG

Head of Permitting

Simon is responsible for the management of all environmental impact assessment and permitting processes necessary for construction and operation of Nord Stream 2. Within the Nord Stream project Simon held two positions:

1) Head of Finnish Permitting for Nord Stream, responsible for the environmental impact assessment and permitting procedure including: national and international consultations, authority liaison and stakeholder management, and compliance monitoring through the construction and initial operational phase.

2) Survey Manager, responsible for the design and management of all engineering, construction and inspection surveys. This included the development and implementation of the munitions screening strategy and management of the resulting clearance works to ensure a safe corridor for pipeline installation. Simon has a BSc in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics and a strong offshore background with 30 years’ broad-based experience in the scoping, management and supervision of offshore developments and extensive experience in the Baltic Sea. He has worked with the project developer, offshore engineering and survey consultancies and contractors holding key roles in notable projects including: Scarab / Saffron Development offshore Egypt, BlueStream (Russia-Turkey), Malampaya (Philippines), GALSI (Algeria-Sardinia-Italy), Horn Mountain (Gulf of Mexico), Straits of Gibraltar and Trans Mediterranean pipelines.