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Marta Yugo


Science Executive

Marta Yugo is the Concawe Science Executive for Economics & Modelling in the fields of CO2 and Energy. Her responsibilities include to provide governance and supervision of Concawe’s activities in assessing the economic and GHG emissions impact of emerging technologies, roadmaps and legislation affecting the EU refining sector, the vehicle fleet and the low-carbon economy.

Marta has over 10 years of experience in the Oil&Gas industry. In 2006, she joined the REPSOL Technology Center as a refining process engineer where she was involved in different process modelling and optimization projects aiming to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions at refinery level. Moving from the R&D division to a more technical coordination/leadership role at corporate level, she took up the position of senior Energy and Carbon Analyst where she was engaged in the development and deployment of REPSOL’s Energy Efficiency and Carbon Plan having the opportunity to work closely with different Business units in the process (Refining, Chemistry and Exploration & Production). Being involved in international projects, she joined Concawe in 2017 to expand her area of expertise and contribute to develop the Vision 2050 of the refining industry. As part of her current role, she is actively involved in the Well-To-Wheels and Alternative Fuels analysis within the JEC consortium (JRC, EUCAR and Concawe) and leads the new Low Carbon Pathways bridging project within Concawe. Marta’s holds a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering specialized in environment for the Complutense University of Madridand a MSc degree in Refining, Gas and Marketing.