Elevation Partners

Max Mohammadi


Chairman of the board and Co-founder

Max is a value-driven leader and social change-maker who has been selected by the Forbes magazine as one of the most influential innovators and featured on the prestigious “Forbes 30Under30” list. Max is the Chairman of the board and Co-founder of Hippogriff; an award-winning digital health company from Sweden with the mission to democratize access to high quality healthcare by taking complex disease diagnosis to a much smarter level through using Artificial Intelligence. As an entrepreneurial leader, he has started 3 companies and sold his first company at the age of 19. He also played a key role in doing a successful IPO in Sweden with a stock price increase of more than 1000% in the first year. As an innovator, Max has been awarded more than 70 times despite his young age. Some examples of his national and international achievements include: Leader of the Year Award, European Youth Award, Alfred Nobel Diploma, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Gold Medal and Best Inventor Award.