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Prof. Dr. Hans Van Den Hurk

Maastricht University

Professor of European Corporate Income Taxes and International Tax Policy/Strategy

Hans van den Hurk is a university professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands since 2005. He is specialised in corporate international tax in a global perspective. His research focus is fair taxation where he monitors besides the OECD developments and UN developments also the EU developments. Hans is also responsible for the annual ‘global tax policy conference’ of Maastricht University which has speakers from OECD, EU, UN, IMF, UNCTAD but also from NGO’s like OXFAM etc. Besides being a university professor Hans is a tax strategy and policy advisor for companies and countries. In these roles he helps MNE’s understanding new international tax developments but also developing countries to create a sustainable tax policy. Last year Hans has worked on a project for CIAT, the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations. And also recently he has been in Taiwan to work with the government on permanent establishments and anti-abuse provisions.