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Zeldah Schrama

Connect Africa Global

Founder & Consultant

A specialist in internationalization, Zeldah advises corporates and SME’s on their cross-national expansion, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa markets. She strongly believes that organizations and countries only change when the people change, and she helps entrepreneurs, business executives and managers in both the public and private sectors to deal with the rapid transformations happening around us by creating a culture of change that is based on innovation, flexibility and the courage to try out new ways. After completing her MBA from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands she founded Oh my bra! An Africa design inspire lingerie brand. In 2015 she founded Connect Africa Global which specializes in startup and SME training and advancing development through entrepreneurship and innovation. Among her clients is the government of Botswana, the South African Department of Trade and Industry, as well as various small and medium sized companies all over the world.