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Kenneth Bengtsson



Non-Executive President of EuroCommerce since March 2015, Kenneth Bengtsson began his retail career as a store manager of a local ICA supermarket in the south of Sweden. In 1995, he ran two larger stores in the Stockholm area. After successfully turning the stores into profitable units, he became the head of the hypermarket division of ICA in 1999. The following year, he was promoted to become CEO of ICA Sweden and in 2001, President and CEO of the entire ICA Group.Apart from this successful career within the ICA Group, Kenneth Bengtsson has held numerous chairmanships. From 2005 to 2010, Kenneth Bengtsson was Chairman of the Board of Svensk Handel. From 2010-2013, he was Chairman of the Board of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Today he is Chairman of the Board of Systembolaget, The World Childhood Foundation, Ersta Diakoni, Clas Ohlson, Ahlsell AB and Mekonomen AB.