Meet-the-Expert: One day away from the GDPR enforcement - the beginning of a business enabler

24 May 2018

10:30-11:15 | Atrium


Lorena Marciano


EMEAR Data Protection & Privacy Officer


Data is fast becoming the new currency. As such, data is becoming the foundation to deliver better business value and innovate. To reach the intended outcome, businesses need to know what data they need, why do we need it, where it is and for how long they will need it. Besides the hefty penalties, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’s enforcement is the greatest opportunity for private and public organizations to invest in a more effective privacy management practices that will allow to reach their full digital potential. In this presentation, we will provide 1) a compelling case on why Good privacy is good for business too supported by a solid study, 2) briefly recap the last 2 years of grace period implementation for GDPR, 3) what it means for business and where they should invest to make privacy a business enabler and 4) what the outlook is for the next years to come on privacy.