Meet-the-Expert: Responsible Mineral Supply Chains - A business case for public-private partnerships.

6 May 2019

15:00-15:45 | Atrium -


Julian Lageard

Intel Corporation


Joanne Lebert


Executive Director


We are witnessing an increasing uptake of 'due diligence guidance' with government and industry-led efforts to promote responsible sourcing. Responsible sourcing has become part of companies’ DNA – no doubt triggered by legislative action but equally important by a global awareness that sourcing needs to be sustainable and responsible. The session will focus on practical examples of bringing together governments, industry and civil society and what we can do to make these partnerships happen. Joanne Lebert has been leading on responsible sourcing in Africa – she will tell you about her experience as civil society working with governments and the private sector to implement conflict-free and responsible supply chains and where the opportunities for partnership remain. Julian Lageard has been instrumental in bringing INTEL on board on a new innovative partnership called the EPRM as one of its founding strategic partners and he will no doubt lobby you to join it. Due diligence matters – public-private partnerships are all about making sure there is a lasting impact on the ground and European Industry can do a lot more.