Meet-the-Expert: Technology as second skin - how digitized fashion enables smart citizen

6 May 2019

16:00-16:45 | Atrium -


Lisa Lang




Have you thought about what your future clothes would look like in a new mobility world? Apparel has been a blind spot in the overall discussion of future mobility, rocket ships or autonomous cars. Digitized clothes are an inevitable - which means to enable citizens to participate in the smart grids of smart cities. It is time to empower the people, and not only the machines! Electronic-enabled fabrics will sync with the movement of our body to show us the way. Our garments will communicate with our transportation pathways to make our journey more safe, efficient and customized to our preferences and style. In a time where we have to move faster, our clothes have to become smarter. As technology enters our clothes, how can we protect our personal data? While experiments and disruptive technologies will permeate our clothes, we feel the right collaborations are the most critical aspect in FashionTech going forward. Smart Clothing or wearable tech should not stop at prototypes – bigger brands have to find companies that innovate and help them reach mass production (and acceptance).