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Roundtable: EU Taxation Policy: Which impact on EU's attractiveness and competitiveness?

23 May 2018

15:15-16:25 | Europe Room


The Hon. Tara Rivers

Government of the Cayman Islands

Minister for financial services and home affairs

Pierre Moscovici

European Commission

EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs

Alain Lamassoure

European Parliament


Jeffrey Franks

IMF Europe


Pascal Saint-Amans


Director General

Prof. Dr. Hans Van Den Hurk

Maastricht University

Professor of European Corporate Income Taxes and International Tax Policy/Strategy

Krister Andersson


Chairman of the Tax Policy Group

Sasha Vakulina


Business Editor, Euronews

Serge Krancenblum

SGG Group

Serge Krancenblum


The EU is gradually developing a comprehensive tax policy, inspired by the OECD and driven by the G20. Media revelations and demands for fairness have increased the pressure to tackle fraud and aggressive tax avoidance. The new transparency rules for tax advisers have been agreed upon. Public country by country reporting of taxes paid by companies is happening. The proposals for a common consolidated tax base are under discussion. Uncooperative jurisdictions are named, shamed and face sanctions. Taxation of digital companies is high on the agenda. And tax favours by EU Member States are investigated under the state aids rules.

Never before have the Commission, the Council and the Parliament focused so much on taxation at European level and achieved so many unanimous decisions on EU tax related legislation. What does this mean for EU and non-EU countries that face the new international tax order in the making? Is the tax policy aimed at generating more revenue or at creating a level playing field? Will the EU’s tax development influence the competitiveness of the EU economy? Will it impact investment? Many questions to be addressed in this Round Table on one of the most burning issues of today: the fight against tax avoidance.