Within a world of increasing economic uncertainty, ideas like the Blue Economy provide innovative solutions for a planet that is increasingly running out of resources and time. The “Blue Economy” is an economic concept based on the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and ocean ecosystem health. Key to this concept are the ideas of sustainable fisheries, better waste management to help oceans regenerate, improved marine transport and sustainable marine energy including off-shore windfarms and wave power. European Business Summit is pleased to welcome the following speakers for this session: Mr. Felix Leinemann, Head of the “Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning » Unit, DG MARE and Roel Vanthillo, Managing Director at Marlinks. Both high-level speakers will discuss this new project for the economy during the time and date. Check out the full programme of EBS2019 http://ebsummit.eu/programme

In the context of Tomorrow's Europe, many lingering questions remain about the future of work in the context of the 4th technological revolution. Skills at Work in 2030 is an Agora Session co-hosted with Bantani Education to discuss the future skills that will be indispensable in the future. Key questions to be discussed include: what makes a worker employable? How can we build and emphasize human skills? What do we need to do in front of the changing models of work? How can companies connect the right people to the right jobs? Skills at Work in 2013 taking place on Day 1 at 2:15 pm, will be led by 3 high-level speakers: - Rebecca Weight, Head of Operations at Bantani Education - Markus Krebler, Founder & Head of Corporate Relations at Kiron Open Higher Education - Joost Korte, Director General for DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at European Commission To learn more join us for the19th edition of EBS! Check out the full programme: http://ebsummit.eu/fullprogramme

Even before launching the SDGs, sustainability has always been an important objective across industries. But now, even more than before, businesses’ compliance to and commitment to sustainability has come to the fore in many ways than one. Numerous companies are now actively integrating sustainability principles into their business models, but many are left wondering: How to effectively and efficiently transition to a sustainable business? This session describes real cases studies about how leaders in their respective industries are striving to dramatically transform their businesses and contribute practical and responsible solutions to support a more sustainable future in Europe and beyond. It will stimulate a debate on how industry and regulators can accelerate these developments. To hear more about this subject, join us on May 7.

Vilius Šapoka, Minister of Finance of Lithuania joins Kristian Jensen, Minister of Finance of Denmark in a conversation on the New Vision and Alliance for Europe. Denmark and Lithuania are two of the eight northern countries that share a unified position on the creation of the single capital market. These eight countries also share a mutual vision and values. Being Members of the EU is not the only thing that brings them together, both countries are part of NATO as well. Denmark was part of the first enlargement of the UE in 1973 after its creation in 1957. Lithuania joined the EU as well in May 2004. Both countries are not only members of the EU, with Denmark being part of the first enlargement of the EU in 1973 after its creation in 1957 and Lithuania joining the EU in May 2004, but both countries are also part of NATO. Their bond has lead to bilateral relationships and cooperations in the field of defence. The two Ministers from Lithuania and Denmark will discuss the topic of their alliance for a new Europe and bring a fresh vision on the future of Europe. Attend the session on May 6 at 10.15-11.15 at #EBS2019

Following the Royal Belgian Economic Mission to Morocco and the first edition of the EU-Africa Business Summit last year, EBS is now actively preparing for the next edition of this summit to be held on the 28th and 29th of November in Marrakech. This year, the European Business Summit will feature a special EU-Africa Summit roundtable taking place in the morning of the 6th May and focusing on new perspectives in economic relations between African countries and the European Union. Economic integration in Africa is currently underway and gathering speed. In a move towards efficient collaboration between the two continents the roundtable and summit represents the platform for a multi-sectorial dialogue, consolidated at both the political and commercial levels. The Brussels' high-level roundtable will consist of several debates, followed by a private business lunch. This year the roundtable will address issues related to investment opportunities as well as trade exchanges, in targeted sectors such as digital, energy and agriculture. Are you interested in EU-African business opportunities or trade relations? Join the roundtable session on Day 1 at 9.30am.

As the title suggests, trade requires broadening horizons beyond Europe to other prospective partners. The EU has already successfully concluded new free trade agreements, opening up new business opportunities with countries such as Singapore, Australia, Vietnam and Chile and others. Join the second part of the Trade session at EBS, to learn more about the prospective business opportunities beyond Europe and hear from global business representatives. This session will be held on May 7th May at 11:45-12:15 at #EBS2019

The European Business Summit is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the European Leadership Awards will return on 6 May at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. After a successful first edition, The European Business Summit (EBS) in partnership with Euronews global news media network will host the distinguished ceremony that recognises outstanding achievements in business, politics, entrepreneurship and innovation. The diverse high-level jury will reward nominees that are set to shape Europe and its future. The prestigious award ceremony recognises inspiring leaders of different categories such as: European personality of the year, European leader of the year, European entrepreneur of the year, European CEO of the year and European innovator of the year. Don’t miss out! We hope to see you on 6 May at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. Book a table or seat now: https://lnkd.in/dhwzm3T

This year EBS will discuss the future of Europe, highlighting the many political and economic challenges that the continent faces.     Global challenges affect Europe and European business, which will be one of the main topics discussed as a part of the Summit. Likewise, with the upcoming European elections key topics will also discuss recommendations for the next 5 years.     A tradition at EBS is to create a platform for interdisciplinary discussion, from policy-makers and businesses to academics. This year is no exception with high-level speakers including Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President and EU Commissioner for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness; Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the Digital Single Market​ at the European Commission;​​​​​​ Cecilia Malmström, EU Commission for Trade; Camille Grand, Assistant Secretary General of Defence Investment at NATO ; Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay; Bruno Liebhaberg, Director General of Centre on Regulation in Europe; Åshild Hanne Larsen, Chief Information Officer at Equinor; Pierre Gattaz, President of Business Europe; Susan Danger, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU; Richard White, VP Procurement and Sustainability Europe at Anheuser-Busch InBev; Vilius Šapoka Minister of Finance in the Republic of Lithuania; Marietje Schaake, Member of European Parliament and many more.     Hear more at the 19thedition of the European Business Summit. To register and benefit from April pricing click this link: http://www.ebsummit.eu/subscribe.php  

We have heard about it, seen it everywhere in advertisements. It is clear it is one of the most anticipated innovations in technology this year. Despite all of this we are left wondering: What precisely is 5G? When is it going to be launched, and what does it mean for Europe?     The next ‘fifth generation of telecommunications networks’ is fast approaching and will transform networks as we know it today. 5G will increase connectivity between people, cars, machines and even objects. This innovative telecommunication technology will undoubtedly lead to the creation of new services and applications.     But does Europe have the right infrastructure to handle 5G? Developing 5G ‘s infrastructure is a crucial asset to competing in the global market in the future. It is estimated that companies who install all the setups are expected to reach a revenue of up to €225 billion annually by 2025.     How can the European Commission contribute to this innovation? Ensuring security and privacy will undoubtedly feature key aspects of the debate.     To learn more, join the session on 5G on May 7 at EBS. To discover more themes click here: http://www.ebsummit.eu/index.php  

  In order to put Europe on the path towards a sustainable and emission-free future, environmental targets have been set through numerous packages and strategies. Technology and innovation seem key in reaching such objectives. Concerted efforts between business and policy-makers are crucial to foster essential synergies to accelerate the ecological transition. Key sectors that will have a considerable impact on reaching climate objectives include transportation, heating, renewables and the power sector. All are significant in aiming to reduce green house gas emissions.   Initiatives striving towards a cleaner Europe will not only bring about a range of health benefits leading to a better quality of life from cleaner air, further protect soils and water, but will also likely generate growth and job creation. However, to be successful in this endeavor, Europe must encourage and protect innovative clean technologies to remain competitive to avoid depending on China.   If you want to hear more about this subject, join us on May 6, the session starts at 2:00 pm.