Don't miss our Session on Education and Business for Innovation: Acting Together

This session will consider the need for the European education to open up and accept that an entrepreneurial spirit is needed for it to live up to the expectations and needs in providing the skills in demand. This would, therefore, contribute to the creation of jobs and economic growth.

There are important synergies between education, innovation and business. Yet, each of the three seem to act in very different ways:

  • Business is the fast-paced one, with easier objectives to define and developments to quantify.
  • Innovation moves more slowly, or with sudden leaps forward and bouts of inspiration, but in a way harder to predict.
  • Education is the hardest to transform and yet is essential for both business and innovation to flourish.

As Europe is seeing the first signs of recovery from the financial crisis, can educational institutions deliver academic and vocational excellence and prepare researchers and innovative thinkers who can contribute to business success and growth in Europe?

Moderated by Ann Mettler, Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Lisbon Council, this panel will feature Professor Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University, D. P. Nambiar, Chief Human Resources Officer for Europe at Tata Consultancy Services, David Rennie, Vice-President of Nestlé Europe, Mary Ritter, CEO of Climate-KIC and Xavier Prats Monné, Deputy Director-General for Education and Culture at the European Commission.

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