Don't miss our session on TTIP: Challenges and Opportunities

Negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) were initiated in July 2013. This agreement would create the world’s largest free trade area. The reduction of tariffs and regulatory harmonization will have a direct economic impact on the economy by generating jobs and growth.

A 2013 economic assessment by the Centre for Economic Policy Research, commissioned by the European Commission, indicated positive and significant gains for both the EU and the US economy. Under a comprehensive agreement, GDP would be estimated to increase by between 68.2 and 119.2 billion euros for the EU.

Beyond its implications for businesses, this agreement will have an impact on the lives of many millions of citizens and must, therefore, be conducted in a transparent manner and involve stakeholders of all levels.

At a time when trust in policy makers and the EU institutions is low, and when critical voices argue that this agreement would only fulfill business needs and be detrimental for citizens, it is important that not only business representatives, but also civil society, are in the loop regarding the negotiations.

The 12th European Business Summit will dedicate a session on TTIP looking at both the challenges and opportunities offered by this historic trade deal. The session will feature Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade, Anthony Gardner, US Ambassdor to the EU, Luisa Santos, Director for International Relations at BUSINESSEUROPE, Christian Morales, Vice President and General Manager EMEA of Intel, and Tim Bennett, Director-General of the Tran-Atlantic Business Council.

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