The first edition of the EBS Executive Roundtable, with Margrethe Vestager, EU Competition Commissioner as a guest speaker, took place on 26 November in Copenhagen.  

Commissioner Vestager met with C- and Board-level executives representing various businesses in Denmark. The discussion, held under the Chatham House rules, focused on competitiveness in the era of digital transformation and the data-driven economy. 

The EBS Executive Roundtables are a new initiative by the Brussels-based European Business Summit, aimed at strengthening the dialogue between C-level business leaders and top EU policymakers.

The exclusive, by-invitation-only EBS roundtables will be held in 2019 in France and the Netherlands. 

Participants are C- and Board-level industry leaders in conversation with a prominent EU leader. Through this frank dialogue in a closed setting, we hope that policy-makers and businesses can find new ways to collaborate on improving the future of Europe and European business.

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