Pedro de Sampaio Nunes to speak at EBS 2014

We are pleased to welcome Pedro de Sampaio Nunes as a speaker at the 12th European Business Summit. Dr Nunes is Head of EUREKA, a partner at this year's summit.

Dr Nunes, Member of the City Council of Lisbon and Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of Portugal, is from February 2013, the new Head of the EUREKA Secretariat.

He has an extensive international experience and keen interest in international collaboration on matters of Science and Technology, mainly in its industrial application.

Pedro de Sampaio Nunes, a civil engineer, was previously Portuguese Secretary of State for Science and Innovation, a Director at the European Commission, responsible for several R&D programmes focussed on energy and information technology and deputy Director-General for the Secretariat for Portugal’s accession to the EU.

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