Eurasia Competitiveness Institute Partner at EBS 2013

Eurasia Competitiveness Institute (ECI) will be a partner at the 2013 European Business Summit. Eurasia Competitiveness Institute is an international think tank with a focus on competitiveness, prosperity and economic integration in Eurasia region. It works with leaders from public sector, business community and NGOs and provide insights; solutions; and a platform for engaging, forward-looking strategic dialogue and cooperation. Its activity is clustered across five focus areas: competitiveness, productivity and prosperity at national and sub-national levels; entrepreneurship and SME development & policy; innovation system & STI policy; public sector productivity; economic integration in the Eurasia region.  Its competitive advantages: fact and solution based interdisciplinary approach; deep real-life knowledge & expertise; and connections with key decision makers. ECI is incorporated in Belgium as an international not-for-profit organisation with the team located in Brussels and Moscow.